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An ill serviceman was taken to military service


Zvart Kirakosyan, Suren kirakosyan's mother

The RA soldier, 23-year-old Suren Kirakosyan had the right not to take his service in the army because of health problems but he served fully because of which his diseases grew more acute.

According to the order made by the RA MF department of military medicine Kirakosyan does not fit for military service. But that order wasn’t kept as a result of which the boy tried to avoid the service. He has been subjected to criminal liability for that for the second time. He was called up for military service in June, 2010. First time he was subjected to criminal liability for one year after a month from his service on October 7.

He was arrested according to Article 361.4 of the RA Criminal Code which subjects to the criminal liability the servicemen who serve on the basis of contract for leaving the military unit or the place of service voluntary as well as for not coming to the service on time without valid reasons. He served his punishment in the “Goris” penitentiary institution. On February 14, 2011 he was early conditionally released.

Then he continued his service in the same military unit. On September 17, 2011 he went for the next vocation by the order of the commander of the military unit and didn’t come back to the military unit after the deadline expired. For that reason a criminal case was again launched according to Article 361.4 of the RA Criminal Code. As a measure of restaint again detention was applied towars him by the Court of General Jurisdiction of Ararat and Vayots Dzor marzes.

“My son tried to avoid military service for the second time as he is unhealthy and it was initially written that he fits for military service with some restrictions but he served like all servicemen” his mother informed www.hra.am.

The dermatologist of “Goris” medical center L. Harutyunyan wrote that he has inguinal epidermofitia with weak exematization in left side. The boy has moles on the left shoulder and on the left part of the chest from birth which cannot be damaged that the boy shouldn’t carry weapon on his shoulder and wear some military clothes.

 “But they remembered about it when my son’s mole cracked and grew larger during 11 months of the service. He was even taken to the RA MF Central Clinical Military Hospital (CCMH) and Institute of Oncology named after Fanarjyan where he was told to be operated on but they said they did not know whether he would live or not as after removing the mole an opposite reaction could begin, that is why my son refused to be operated on” tells the mother.

The mother asked to give a vocation to her son to take him to doctors.

“I asked them to let me cure him myself because in addition to the diseases we found askarits in his bowels but they didn’t allow and my son decided not to go to the army any longer. From the place of our residence from the military police of Abovyan 15 people beat me, damaged my tooth and hand, they threw my brother’s son and his wife, my son made no resistance and gave himself up” tells Kirakosyan’s mother.

On February 24, 2012 the Court of General Jurisdiction of Ararat and Vayots Dzor marzes made a decision on detention without taking into consideration that the defendant Kirakosyan asked them to send him to a forensic examination as he had many health problems because of which he didn’t come to the army.

But the court did not take it into consideration and decided that he avoided criminal liability, he was previously condemned so all the materials give sufficient grounds to detain him to prevent his non adequate behavior.

Kirakosyan’s defender Mihran Khanamiryan appealed the court’s judgment in the Court of Appeal.

Now the boy is in the RA MF Central Clinical Hospital, the doctors again suggest operate him but this time they say he is out of danger.

The mother doesn’t believe the doctors saying that previously they have said that the operation would harm the boy’s life. She wants to take him to other doctors but she needs a special permission which they do not give her.

“I do not know what else to do. I only know if that mole isn’t damaged by means of carrying a weapon or wearing military clothes it will certainly restore” the mother is sure.

She is sure with an example of her son that the soldiers who suffer from diseases die in the army or return half healthy as they do not receive  proper treatment and the parents are deprived from the opportunity to solve the health problems of their children on their own. 

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