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"Human Rights in Armenia" website (www.hra.am) was founded by "Civil Society Institute" NGO in 2003. It is an important tool in forming civil society through human rights and public awareness.

The website covers problems connected with human rights violation and human rights protection through news, articles, videos and interviews. Also the reports on human rights of different international and local organizations, expert groups are presented.

www.hra.am website is a field for exchanging information among NGOs dealing with human rights. These NGOs are included in the address book of the website and their events and announcements are illustrated in the website.

www.hra.am website is ready to cooperate with NGOs working in the field of human rights protection. For being included in the address book, as well as for disseminating the announcements and exchanging the information, NGOs can write to us on the following email: hra@csi.am.

Editorial Staff


Mery Aleksanyan (mery@csi.am)


Evgenia Ivanova (evgenia@csi.am)

For copying articles of the website either thoroughly or partially, reference to www.hra.am is obligatory.

The opinions expressed in the website do not necessarily coincide with the opinions of the editorial staff and CSI NGO.

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