Point of View

Inclusion and rehabilitation through Community Based Community Service

The main purpose of the State Probation Service of Armenia is to reconcile the needs for community safety and rehabilitation of people in conflict with law. In other words probation combines punitive and restorative function in the criminal justice field. Due to severe lack of state resources the function of rehabilitation and support is seriously compromised and where possible is taken up by non-governmental sector. In particular, a considerable number of people under probation are sentenced to community service [1]. Through community service [ordered by court non-paying job performed by convicts for the benefit of the community] offenders are invited to take responsibility for past actions and repair the damage done by giving back to the community. Until recently community service as a criminal sanction was a monopoly of municipal and governmental agencies.


Workshop on State Probation Service with the representatives of the NGOs of Lori region

On September 5 the Civil Society Institute (CSI) in cooperation with the Armenian Lawyers’ Association (ARMLA) and the State Probation Service of the Ministry of Justice of Armenia organized a working meeting in Vanadzor, Lori.The topic of the working meeting was “The State Probation Service: Expectations and perspectives for development”.Lori regional officers of the State Probation Service and the representatives of the NGOs operating in Lori region participated in the workshop. The workshop was aimed to introduce the functions and main tasks of the State Probation Service to the participants.


All Jobs for All Women

The 8th of March is the International Day of struggle for women’s rights and it is dedicated to women’s achievements in political, economic and social spheres of life. At present in Armenia this holiday has lost its true meaning and became just the Day of all women, when men make gifts and buy flowers for their mothers, wives, sisters and daughters. And unfortunately it has happened not because there is no need to remember about women’s struggle for equality.